Saturday saw a highly successful training day for CISLI in Limerick, where a large group of Deaf and hearing interpreters and trainees took part in the ‘Working with Deaf Interpreters’ training session, delivered by Teresa Lynch and Frankie Berry.

The session began with an exploration of Deafhood and colonialism as it related to the Deaf community, before linking in to Teresa Lynch’s own research into Deaf interpreting. She told us that Deaf interpreting for many Deaf people is an activity that has been happening for years – many Deaf people have been interpreting since childhood but not known this was the term for it!

Following lunch, four roleplays were held, to help us understand the complexities of Deaf-hearing interpreting team dynamics in medical, legal, mental health and conference settings. These really brought home the range of work that Deaf interpreters do.

After the training, a General Meeting was held with members of CISLI old and new, with our Chairperson, Cormac Leonard, updating members on national developments and local members discussing concerns.

Many thanks to all who attended both events! We hope to have another training day in Dublin in February / March.