The aims of the Council are:

(a)          To advance the profession, rights and interests of sign language interpreters.


(b)          To work in close partnership with the National Deaf-led organisation for the future benefit of both Deaf people who use Irish Sign Language and professional interpreters, Deaf and hearing, whose working languages include a Signed Language. This coincides with the agreement set forward by the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) and the World Association of Sign Language lnterpreters (WASLI).


(c)          To support collaboration, cooperation and mutual, transparent communication between the Deaf community and Sign Language interpreters at international, national, regional and local levels.


(d)          To encourage best practice in Irish Sign Language interpreting by working towards:

  • Serving as the national representative body for professional Irish Sign Language interpreters in Ireland
  • Working in close partnership with Irish Deaf-led organisations for the future benefit of Deaf people in Ireland who use Signed Languages and the profession of interpreters whose working languages include a Signed Language
  • Supporting the development of CISLI Regional Committees to advance the profession of interpreting in their regions
  • Supporting and collaborating with programs designed to facilitate the education and training of interpreters
  • Provide support for professional development and for a national forum for discussion of issues pertinent to the field of interpreting
  • Upholding and promoting the Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Professional Conduct
  • Recognising the importance of evaluation of interpreters in Ireland whose working languages include a Signed Language
  • Develop, provide and promote the Dispute Resolution Process for CISLI members and the individuals they serve


The objectives of the Council are:

  • To lead the development of a national registration process for Irish Sign Language interpreters through partnership with the national Deaf-led organisation, with the key stakeholders (sign language interpreter service providers and interpreter trainers)
  • To provide advice and support to users and providers of interpreting services and other interested individuals and/or organisations, especially through the Board of Evaluators of Interpreting (BEI)
  • To represent the interests of the profession of Irish Sign Language interpreting to appropriate bodies
  • To encourage and promote initiatives to improve standards of Sign Language interpreting and interpreter training on the island of Ireland
  • To work to secure recognition of the profession of Irish Sign Language interpreting
  • To develop an environment where the Council and its members work with each other collegially, respectfully and with professional integrity
  • To be responsive to its members
  • To do all such things to further the objectives of the Council of Irish Sign Language Interpreters.