Sub-Committee Membership:

Terms of Reference:

(Approved by CISLI Committee, April 2014)

1) This Sub Committee takes its mandate from:-

a. The CISLI Constitution, Section 2.2. “The objectives of the Council are: [4th Subpoint] – To encourage and promote initiatives to improve standards of Sign Language interpreting and interpreter training on the island of Ireland”;
b. The CISLI Constitution, Section 4.5. “Committee members shall be required to: [3rd subpoint] – Support CISLI sub-committees in initiating and facilitating interpreter training opportunities for members and others.”;
c. Decision at CISLI Committee Meeting 3rd January 2014, to establish a Training Sub Committee.

2) The Sub Committee will endeavour to plan and deliver at least two training events per year for Active members. One of these training events will be held outside Dublin in a venue accessible to as many Active members as possible.

3) Admittance to training events will be free of charge to CISLI Active members wherever possible. Where not possible, admittance to be charged at a reduced rate to CISLI Active members. Events to be open to Student, Affiliate and Associate members at a cost.

4) The Subcommittee will liaise by way of face to face meetings, email, telephone contact or other means of communication.

5) Subcommittee will submit a written Report twice yearly to the CISLI Secretary outlining activities.

6) All proposed costs will be submitted to CISLI Committee for approval prior to spending.

7) The initial focus of the Sub Committee will be based on training needs identified by the CISLI Member Survey carried out in 2012.