CISLI are very happy to announce that they now have a Committee back to (almost!) full strength.

Following a meeting of current and prospective members on 28 November in Deaf Village Ireland (in place of the proposed Extraordinary General Meeting, now deferred until Jan 2014), three interpreter members have been co-opted to general Committee duties until the AGM in 2014. 

The interpreters who have come forward are:

Cormac Leonard
Michael Feeney
Colm O’Sullivan

Also, Caroline O’Leary has expressed her willingness to remain on the committee, with Board of Evaluators of Interpreting (BEI) matters in mind.

We would like to welcome them on to the Committee, where they join Acting Chairperson Frankie Berry, Treasurer Darren Byrne, and IDS representative Kevin Mulqueen. 

We are currently looking for a Centre for Deaf Studies student to become our Student Representative, and will hopefully have secured someone for this position by the EGM in January.

We look forward to seeing CISLI members in January for the EGM.


The CISLI Committee

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